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Levante Spirits was born in 2014 from the meeting between Fabio Mascaretti and Enzo Brini during a university Master's degree in oenology in Florence. Two young talents who marry pragmatic and entrepreneurial ideas right away.

A common spirit that drives them to the continuous search for new stimuli and materials to explore. One from the Marches and the other from Tuscany, moved by a common wind that blows from east to west, bringing both towards the same route, to discover new commercial horizons. They rediscover ancient recipes to preserve in their uniqueness to create new ones, revisiting them through their innovative production imprint. Distillates and liqueurs with an original and unique taste, the result of a desire in continuous experimentation that draws on Italy's historical and cultural heritage.

In 2014 Old Sailor Coffee was born, a distillate with a strong and decisive character, composed of a base of Colombian Rum to which is added mocha coffee, blood orange peel and essence of Castigliano Green Anise, combining the typical scents of the Marches with the contemplative melancholy of the sea.

In 2016 the east wind blows again; he is restless, strong, brings changes and new ideas. Ginepraio is born, a Made in Tuscany organic gin characterized by a very high purity and high quality, distilled according to the London Dry method, the first Ginepraio brother shows itself to the world with the name Organic Tuscan Dry Gin.

In 2018 the second brother was born, the Amphora Navy Strength Gin, not only the first Navy Strength distilled in Italy, but also the first Gin in the world to undergo an aging process in amphorae.

Finally, in 2022, the Organic Mediterranean Dry Gin was launched on the market, the third Ginepraio brother, characterized by a bouquet of Mediterranean essences, discovered after 12 months of trials, which give this Gin a taste never perceived before "fresh as the breeze of the Mediterranean, intense like the scents that surround it".

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