Sea spirit

Old Sailor Coffee is the spirit of the sea in a bottle.
First blended on fishing boats, it can also reinvigorate you on dry land thanks to the energy of the rum and mettle of the coffee. Ideal after a meal, in social settings and mixed in cocktails. You can drink it hot or cold: if you follow tradition and drink it hot the accent will be on the rum, while the anise and coffee come later; if you prefer it cold, get ready to enjoy a perfect balance of fragrances. Either way, Old Sailor Coffee will inebriate your palate with its spirit.

The gusto of the old sea stories

The Old Sailor Coffee recipe was first concocted at sea: a hundred years ago, the mid-Adriatic fishermen used to warm themselves in cold weather by drinking hot coffee mixed with rum and distilled anise. A past that is still alive in our label, illustrated by the tattoo artist Stizzo and inspired by a 1930 picture of a sailor. We revisited the recipe and gave our bottle a soul to offer you the pleasure of an old sea story.