Tuscan dry gin

Ginepraio is an Organic London Dry Gin with a Tuscan accent. Born from a partnership between Levante Spirits and Deta Distilleries. We created it using a copper discontinuous alembic still, affectionately nicknamed Lapo. When choosing the name we were inspired by the old saying “cacciarsi in un ginepraio” – to get stuck in a mess – (the dictionary definition is also printed on the label), an informal way to describe a sticky situation from which it is difficult to get out. The same situation in which we found ourselves during the selection of the raw ingredients, all strictly certified, Tuscan, and organic. Starting from the alcohol base that comes from wheat grown in the Mugello area; the seven botanicals, including juniper, dog-rose and helichrysum, come from Maremma, Val D’Orcia and the Chianti area.

Ginepraio is a strong distinctive gin, a child of its land, distilled in Barberino Val D’Elsa. To create it the Master Distiller was aided by Enzo (one of the two partners of Levante Spirits), a Tuscan oenologist and owner of a winery in Montepulciano that has had an organic certification since 1990. A gin with traits inspired by the world of wine and produced for gin aficionados. Ginepraio can be used in any gin-based cocktail. In our opinion it really shines in Martini and Negroni (a timeless classic drink that pays tribute to its Florentine inventor, Count Negroni). It is a gin that aspires to becoming a point of reference for an educated and demanding clientele that appreciates good quality drinks and local products.


Tuscan Spirit

Ginepraio has an alcohol base that is infused separately by 7 local botanicals, in particular juniper, dog-rose and helichrysum (a wild plant found on the Tyrrhenian side of Italy and in Sardinia). Infusion time ranges from 7 to 10 days; it is then combined and distilled by Lapo, our alembic still, and left to steep in the dark for 10 days before bottling.

A tasting with an amazing finish

The spirit, upon visual examination, is as clear as any London Dry Gin but on the nose it is clearly handcrafted because of the bold scent of wild juniper prevails among the other botanicals. The dog-rose fragrance can be sensed later on. The juniper stands out on the palate; next, alongside the rose, you can appreciated the typical note of balsamic helichrysum for a lingering finish with slight citrusy hints.